Cupping Therapy


An ancient Chinese therapy, Cupping therapy is an inverse form of massage therapy. It has been modernized with invention of new machines for the procedure. It is one of the lesser known forms of therapies and it has been gaining recognition over past few years. With cupping therapy, you will be able to explore the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine and improve your health. You must have often come across people with circular marks on their back. Well, this is due to cupping therapy. Despite modernization, the original philosophy of cupping remains same. So, you should always go to an experienced and recognized cupping therapist for trying this therapy.

In cupping therapy, suction pumps are used to pull tissue, skin and muscles upwards. This is why this therapy is considered to be opposite of massage therapy. A vacuum is created on the skin by suctioning out air and tissue underlying that cup is raised. When an area is cupped, it gives a tight sensation on the area. These steps enhance circulation and pulls out toxins that are present on body tissues. After the cup is removed, the area will feel relaxed and soothing. The cupped area may become black or red, but don’t worry! This is temporary and your skin will return to original color in some time. It can take few days to few weeks for your skin to return to its original color.

Cupping is usually done on the fleshy areas of the body like back, arms, thighs and more. The glass cups or bamboo jars are merely a means to create heat. Every cup is generally placed on your skin for around 10 minutes.

Benefits of this age-old Chinese therapy include –

  • It has a detoxifying effect on the skin.
  • It is a useful treatment to clear congestion in lungs so useful for asthma and cold.
  • It improves blood flow through the body.
  • It removes toxins from the body and helps keep the body healthy.
  • It has positive effects on digestive system of the body and provides relief from constipation.
  • It improves body metabolism and build a healthy appetite.

There are numerous health benefits of cupping. This is the reason this technique is not limited to Chinese treatment, it has been adopted globally.

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