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Back Pain Grande Prairie

If stats are to be believed, back pain is currently one of the most leading causes of absenteeism at workplace. Even more shocking is the fact that back pain treatment is the most common reason to seek medical consultation.

Are you suffering from the below mentioned issues?

  • One or continues episodes of back pain or neck pain
  • Not getting a permanent solution for the pain with hands on techniques like acupuncture, massage, or manipulative therapy

If you tilted your head up and down, answering YES to all the points, then we have got the right back pain treatment for you. It is our Better Back Program.

You can contact us to book an assessment for your Better Back Program suitability, and that too for free.

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What is the Better Back Program?

The Better Back program is an injury rehabilitation program, especially developed to help those suffering from chronic back and/or neck pain. It is a way to educate and enhance the quality of life by eliminating the pain from it.

Our Better Back Program Includes-

  • Initial assessment to start the treatment with a physiotherapist to provide physiotherapy for back pain
  • Physiotherapy sessions that go over 4 to 6 weeks
  • Advanced prove technology like Class 4 LASER therapy & Shockwave therapy to fasten healing process
  • An individualized exercise rehabilitation program
  • Providing insight for back pain management and the finest low back pain remedy in Grande Prairie
  • Individualized workstation/computer set-up analysis and recommendations
  • Use of GAITSCAN technology to provide free foot and walking assessment
  • Retesting and review of program after the completion of 4 to 6 weeks
  • Every 2-week progress report and future recommendation

Our team

Each of our physiotherapist is trained in providing top-notch physiotherapy for back pain. All of them have Physiotherapy university degrees, and have received additional training in providing an excellent back pain remedy in Grande Prairie as well as neck pain remedy in Grande Prairie. Also, they are well-trained in helping the clients with spinal rehabilitation.

Based on the specific condition of our client, we provide the best suited back pain remedy in Grande Prairie. Our program differs for each individual, as per the requirement. However, our Better Back Program has 4 stages that are described below.

Stage 1: To reduce pain and inflammation; improve joint alignment and muscle flexibility

Stage 2: To strengthen inner core muscles or small muscles around the spine that gives stability

Stage 3: Outer core unit strengthening- Larger muscle group control, more advanced exercises

Stage 4: Advanced, high level exercises specific to your sport, work, and functional goals

So, whether you are looking for the best low back pain remedy in Grande Prairie or neck pain remedy in Grande Prairie, we can be a great approach for you.