Reasons Why a Deep Tissue Massage is Good for You

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A deep tissue massage works on the deeper layers of muscles, fascia and soft tissues of the body. It is one of the most popular types of massage techniques as it brings a lot of benefits to the body. As the name suggests, a deep tissue massage is “deep” and done using strokes with deep finger pressure.

Reasons Why a Deep Tissue Massage is Good for You

If you have been recommended to take a deep tissue massage, first need to know what it involves. You also need to have a clear idea of the benefits a deep tissue massage can give your body. You can consult your deep tissue massage therapist to clear your doubts. This knowledge ensures that you set the right expectations from a deep tissue massage.

Here are few reasons why a deep tissue massage is beneficial –

  • Deep tissue massage is really helpful in treating chronic pain, especially lower back pain.
  • It is useful in the treatment of arthritis and other joint related issues.
  • This massage technique is known to relieve psychological and physical stress as it improves blood pumping through the muscles. Unresolved stress can result in damage to physical and mental health. A deep tissue massage is a healthy and effective way to manage stress.
  • A deep tissue massage is known to have positive effects on diastolic, systolic and mean blood pressure. It is known to lower high arterial blood pressure.
  • In case of deep injuries or damage to tendons, muscles and ligaments, body movement gets restricted. A deep tissue massage helps in making movement easier after an injury. It breaks down the scar tissue that develops after an injury.
  • The massage makes it easier to move muscles and promotes a greater range of motion. It increases the overall mobility of joints.
  • This massage is known to flush toxins from the body and make it healthy. It is a great way to destress and detox. It pushes out lactic acid that is present deep in the muscle fibres.
  • The massage lowers the heart rate and helps in treating anxiety.
  • A deep tissue massage is the best way to ensure muscle rehabilitation.

With so many benefits, a deep tissue massage is just the right way to relax your body and relieve. As a deep tissue massage involves several advanced techniques, always get it done from a professional and experience deep tissue massage therapist.

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