Do I Need Massage Therapy? 5 Signs You Do

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Massage Therapy

Every year, patients and customers visit massage therapy experts over 230 million times.  Also, 16 percent of adult Americans visited message therapists between the years 2012 and 2013. Most of those who visited did so for health-related reasons.

Massage therapy has been in use for many millennia. Even Hippocrates once said that the secret to good health is a good oil massage. 

Massage does wonders for your body and mind. Unfortunately, people don’t get enough of it. Maybe that’s why there are far too many stressed and sick people in the world. 

The average American is so addicted to meds for about everything. There are sleep medications, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety meds

Unfortunately, all these chemicals end up taking a toll on crucial organs like the heart, kidney, and liver. Yet, massage therapy has none of these side effects and all of the benefits. 

If you haven’t had a massage in a long time, you’re missing out on great health. The best time to have had a massage is yesterday. Today is the second best time, particularly if the following applies to you:

Haven’t Had It in a Long Time

The benefits of massage therapy are many. So, like all good things, you need to have it frequently to reap these rewards.

Massages do everything from releasing endorphins in your bloodstream to boosting your overall sense of well-being. People who frequently get it, attest to its effectiveness and helping them feel good with themselves. 

You’re Under a Lot of Stress

77 percent of Americans go through stress-related symptoms, while 33 percent feel like they are extremely stressed. Little wonder we have many overweight folks with a significant predisposition to metabolic syndrome. 

Stress is known to dump cortisol in your body. This causes weight gain, lack of sleep, and elevated blood pressure. As you probably know, the combination of all these is dangerous to your health.

As a result, there are a lot of anxious, tense, irritable and very unhealthy Americans walking around daily.

Most of these people rely on meds to stay calm and sane. Yet, these don’t provide the holistic benefits that massage therapy does.

There’s little or nothing you can do about stress triggers. They’re everywhere. From work to driving to home issues, all of these can contribute to elevated stress levels. 

Frequent visits to massage therapists will keep you relaxed, ease your stress levels, increase circulation so your blood flows more freely, and prevent the occurrence of some of the aforementioned severe health conditions.

Which means you’ll most likely end up living a healthier life and be less prone to suffering from stress-related conditions. 

You’re in a Lot of Pain

At some point, 8 out of 10 Americans will suffer from back pain. And according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, 20 percent of Americans suffer from chronic pain, while another 8 percent suffered pains that prevented them from doing at least one major task.

Even more, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said 50 million Americans suffered from chronic pain in 2016. That’s a lot of people who need help. And these numbers haven’t changed much over the years. 

Many of these folks often resort to taking pain medications, with many exceeding their daily dosage just to get the relief they need. The wanton consumption of these drugs has created an opioid crisis in the country, enough for the POTUS to wade in. 

While many people have a legitimate need for these pain medications, the truth is massage therapies can be added as a complementary treatment protocol. Even new mothers can benefit from it.  

This way, patients won’t have to depend on pain medications only to get their sorely needed relief. A 30-45 minute session with a massage therapist can provide relief for hours on end. 

You’re Actively Training

Working out is great. Helps you get your heart rate up, and puts you in amazing physical shape. As the summer approaches, many are currently working out in the gyms to get their beach bods. 

Unfortunately, prolonged workouts and training to failure can result in significant soft tissue pain. This is why athletes frequently complain of pain in the neck, chest, shoulder, back, thigh, arms, lower leg, and even glutes.

The good news is you don’t have to go through this. Deep Tissue Massage therapy can be integrated into your pre and post workout routines.

In the former, it helps warm up muscles and relieves muscle soreness in the latter. This way, you’ll be able to work out for longer and avoid the dreaded delayed onset muscle soreness. 

The massage sessions will target the various muscle groups, and provide incredible relief to them. This way, you won’t have to feel like someone took a tire iron to your body after a workout session. 

You Have Limited Range of Motion

Mobility issues are a real problem in North American. Currently, 18 million Americans have limited mobility, with 1 in 5 senior citizens battling the same condition. These are alarming stats. 

In fact, limited mobility can affect your ability to many things, including earning a living. It’s responsible for reduced workplace performance, industriousness, and quality of work. 

Massage therapy can help improve your limited range of motion, gradually getting you back to 100 percent over time. This way, you can earn a good living, do your job really well, enjoy those promotions, and the perks that come with them. 

You’re Always Dealing with Headaches

Tension-type headaches and migraines are the 2nd and 3rd most common diseases in the world. That’s 2 out of the top 5 ailments. That’s incredibly alarming.

Yet, every day, people pop pills to get the relief they need. 

Sadly, that approach doesn’t deal with the root cause. Which is why it keeps recurring. Massage therapy can help relieve the tension associated with headaches and migraines. 

Thus, preventing a repeat incident or an opioid addiction. The massage therapist does this by targeting tight head, neck, shoulder and back muscles, and massaging them until they’re relaxed.

Is Massage Therapy for You?

If you’re dealing with any of the aforementioned conditions, you definitely need frequent massage therapy sessions.

If you live in the Grand Prairie or Peace Rive areas, you should definitely visit Grand Prairie Physiotherapy and Massage to get the relief you need. 

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