September 25, 2017
Warm Up | Stretching

Are Warm-Ups worth the effort?

Are Warm-Ups worth the effort? Most Physio’s, PT’s and Coaches firmly believe that a good warm up is essential in reducing the chance of injury and preparing the body for the activities to follow, but has this injury reduction benefit been actually proven in science? In a recent research review […]
August 2, 2017
Physiotherapy - back pain

Back Pain Grande Prairie

At Grande Prairie Physiotherapy & Massage clinic we see a wide range of patients with all manner of pain and injury – however a large part of our work is centered on dealing with low back pain. Here are some simple tips on overcoming and preventing back pain that will […]
August 1, 2017
Knee Injury Grande Prairie

Knee Injury Grande Prairie

With the warmer weather starting, many of us are either increasing our training or looking to increase our activity – especially running training – so to help you moving and stay injury free here are 4 Tips to Keep YOU and your loved ones injury free from Grande Prairie Physiotherapy […]