Banish the Baby Blues: 6 Benefits of Post Natal Massage

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May 16, 2019
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If your a new mom or an experienced mom who recently had another baby, then you’re most likely feeling exhausted and a little stressed out. Becoming a mom, whether it’s your first time or 3rd time, always comes with new challenges. And your body is left feeling bloated and sore.

But with the chaos of the busy life around you, it’s crucial that you find time for yourself. A post natal massage is an optimal way to relieve stress and get your postpartum body feeling back to normal. Keep reading for 6 benefits of a postpartum massage. 

1. Relieves Stress & Promotes Relaxation

Just as any massage relieves stress and promotes relaxation, so does a post natal massage. However, because women undergo much more stress and tension after having a child, the experience is much more relaxing. And a post natal massage can be done in many different forms to meet your unique needs.

Some mothers prefer a gentle and more soothing massage to get the most relaxing experience possible. Others prefer more of a deep tissue approach to work out stubborn knots. New moms might also want to consider adding on a facial or craniosacral therapy for added stress and tension relief. 

Adding on these different types of therapies help reach all areas of stress. 

2. Improves Breastfeeding Abilities

Postpartum massages help improve a woman’s ability to breastfeed. Commonly referred to as “liquid gold,” breast milk is a wonderful gift for both the mother and the newborn. And although all mothers produce breast milk, not everyone produces enough.

Getting a massage after giving birth helps maintain a healthy circulation throughout the body. In return, this helps the flow of breast milk throughout the body as well. And it increases the overall production of the breast milk.

It does this by increasing a lactation hormone called, prolactin. And relaxing the muscles in the chest and shoulders opens the shoulders and improves breastfeeding abilities. 

3. Relieves Pains and Soreness Associated With Giving Birth

After giving birth, you may feel pains and sore spots throughout your body. The process of carrying a baby for 9 months and actually giving birth to a newborn aren’t the only culprits for body pains. All of the duties that new moms must take on also take a toll on the body’s overall health.

A massage for women who have recently given birth and who are constantly caring for children in the home is a great way to relieve some of the body aches. New moms spend a lot of time holding their newborns and picking them up, which can cause backaches. Getting a massage is the best way to mend these aches and pains without having to take medications. 

If the pain is more severe, you may need multiple visits before it’s completely vanquished.  

4. Regulates an Imbalance of Hormones After Giving Birth

During pregnancy, a woman’s body has significantly higher amounts of specific hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Once a woman has given birth, these high levels of hormones drop drastically. And as these hormones decrease, other hormones such as prolactin and oxytocin rise to support breastfeeding. 

This roller coaster ride of imbalanced hormones takes a toll on the body. And because of this, some woman may also have a rise in cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can be reduced by massage therapy. 

Postpartum massages are a great way to bring a new mother’s hormone balance back in line. This ultimately leaves her feeling refreshed and balanced.

5. Promotes a Healthy Sleep Pattern

All new mothers need a good night’s rest to prepare themselves for the busy day ahead of them. But it’s no surprise that new moms don’t get much sleep. Whether it’s a newborn’s cry in the middle of the night or thoughts of tomorrow’s stresses keeping her awake, a new mother often faces hardship when it comes to getting the proper amount of rest. 

Message therapy has shown results in improving healthy sleep patterns. A massage puts you into a state of relaxation that often causes you to drift off into sleep. This is because massages increase the brain waves associated with deep sleep. 

Having the right amount of sleep as a new mom helps prepare the body for any challenges up ahead. And receiving a post natal massage is the first step.

6. Reduces Swelling Associated with Pregnancy

There’s a lot of fluid changes in the body during a pregnancy. And most of the weight gained during a pregnancy is water. This increase in fluids within the body causes swelling. 

Post natal massages help to balance these fluids back out. The circulation throughout the body that a massage promotes helps drain some of this fluid. And the stimulation to the tissues inside your body helps place the fluids back into the appropriate areas. 

So having a postpartum massage done after giving birth is a good way to reduce the body’s swelling by balancing out the fluids. 

A Post Natal Massage Every Mother Dreams Of

It’s no secret: new mothers have a hectic schedule. But it’s important for all new moms to find time in that busy schedule to set aside for themselves. Stress, body changes, and lack of sleep are all things that can be resolved by scheduling an appointment for a post natal massage.

If you or someone you know has recently given birth and is due for some much-needed relaxation, then consider looking into a post natal massage today. For more information on why post natal massages are so important head over to our post natal massage service page today!

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