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August 26, 2018
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Motherhood is a life changing experience! When you are experiencing motherhood for the first time, there are lot of questions about things you can do and cannot do. Staying healthy and fit is important during your pregnancy, and massage is great way to stay healthy and relaxed.

Taking a massage in the prenatal stage helps you reduce discomfort and relieves soreness.

Yet, you cannot take just any massage technique as most massage techniques are not suitable for pregnant women. You need to make sure that the massage therapy you are taking is safe for you and your baby. Talk to a reputed massage therapist in your area and then decide on your massage schedule. Discuss your pregnancy and problems and pains you are facing with the therapist beforehand.

Here are few dos and don’ts of pregnancy massage that you need to be aware of –

  • Do not every lie on your stomach for a prenatal massage. Always lie in a semi-reclining position or on your side.
  • Always opt for a well-trained and reputed pre-natal massage therapist. Not every massage therapist knows techniques of giving a pregnancy massage.
  • If you are allergic to any oils or foods, let the therapists know in advance. Most therapists use oil or a gentle moisturizer for massages. If you have an aversion to strong odors, let the therapists know.
  • Ask your massage therapists to only use natural and organic substances for the massage. Avoid use of toxic, chemical substances.
  • Do not go for a massage if you are facing high blood pressure, vomiting, fever, unusual pains, morning sickness and more.
  • Do not go for massage sessions more than twice a week across your pregnancy. Book appointments beforehand to avoid any wait time.
  • If you feel any discomfort during the massage, alert the therapist immediately. Even if you feel the pressure of massage is more, ask the therapists to perform it lightly.
  • Add soothing music to the room during massage session as it will help you relax.

Schedule an appointment with the therapist and get all your queries answered.

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